Everything else is insecure


About our company


Founded in 2015 by former U.S. Marines, nomx, LLC. has devoted itself to providing absolute security.  The company is based in Arlington, VA with production facilities in Silicon Valley. 


The company is funded with private equity and has a massive Intellectual Property portfolio encompassing nomx trademarks, patents pending and trade secrets in the cybersecurity market.  These include  trademarks on nomx, the nomx design, and pending TRACES trademarks.  Our first trademark was issued in 2016.



About our founder


W.L. Donaldson is a cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur and multi-patented inventor. Boasting over two decades of experience, Mr. Donaldson has an extensive history working with several government agencies and private sector corporations to develop and optimize security protocols. Donaldson began his work with computers as a child, starting with a TRS-80 with 4k of RAM in 1980. His career in technology began after winning computer competitions as a high school student in Paris, Texas, and continued through his service in the Marines. Beginning in 1995, Mr. Donaldson served as the first USMC Webmaster at the Pentagon and worked with the Marine Corps to provide web-based applications for deployed Marines using INMARSAT communications.


An entrepreneur and visionary at heart, Donaldson founded Hard Corps, Inc. (HCI) in 1999. There, he worked to support data and web portals for clients such as Subway, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, Department of Homeland Security, the Marine Corps League and others. In 2015, nomx, LLC was incorporated and funded by private equity investors.


Donaldson has taught at the Defense Information School and has provided expert consultation and testimony in computer forensics for the FBI.  Donaldson has spoke at multiple tech conferences in both Silicon Valley and Washington, DC.


He is passionate about providing people everywhere with the same expectation of privacy in their online communications that they experience in the offline world.